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Holiday Stress!

During this time of year, I find that people shift their focus from their usual day-to-day to focus on the events, preparations, and expectations of the holidays.  Everyone’s experience is different.  Some people actually experience warm and fuzzy joyous times with family and friends; some others long for that holiday “perfection” as family conflicts heighten and work deadlines loom; while some others feel even more lonely and depressed than usual, watching others enjoy the season

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Segment Intending–an Excellent Tool to Stay on Track

Life is busy, isn’t it?  There are interesting distractions everywhere.  How can you stay on track at work or in any other part of life, when media, interruptions, co-workers, family, errands, phone calls, and eh emmm Facebook and tablets or smart phones beckon us constantly?  So, just how can you stay focused at work to finish that project, or at home to spend quality time with your family and friends?   Use Segment Intending. Intention,

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Purpose, Why Is This Important?

There are questions we ask ourselves every day.  What am I doing? Why am I here? What does this mean for me?  They usually don’t have direct answers. When we ask ourselves, ‘why am I here?’ it doesn’t always literally mean why am I in this specific location. At least part of us is more likely thinking, how did we get to this place, what’s the purpose of being here.  People may go their whole

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Life Changing Tools for “When Nothing Seems to Work” now available on Kindle!

  Life changing tools — Isn’t that what we want?  As I work with my clients, it becomes abundantly clear that everyone wants effective, life changing tools, to help manifest the changes we are seeking.  As Your Spiritual Life Coach, I want to provide you with those life changing tools that allow you to manifest the answers to our ongoing question, “How do you find inner peace?” Those of you, who have worked directly with

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How do you find peace ? Treat goals and desires differently.

  How do you find inner peace  ? Treat goals and desires differently.   How do you find inner peace  — Your sense of inner peace is significantly affected by knowing the difference between goals and desires, how to work with each, and acting on that knowledge.  When you implement this relatively unknown, Life Principle, your life experience will take a positive turn.  This knowledge becomes vital to maintaining your sense of peace. What is

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Your Spiritual Life Coach blogs on How do you find Inner Peace? Welcome to my new blog!

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my new blog! I look forward to sharing together on many topics intended to help all of us live fulfilling and effective lives.  As your Spiritual Life Coach, I intend to bring you information, ideas, exercises, and links to those related products I’ve found useful to help in this endeavor.  I look forward to hearing from you very much as we interact on these subjects!  Please bear with me as I

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