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What do you want different in your life?

All of us face daily challenges.  Life seems to deliver never ending issues in relationships, career, health, money, family, overwhelming emotions, personal sabotaging behaviors and more.  Often, we don’t understand how all this comes to be or what to do to effectively change it. At Lifeforce Natural Healing Alternatives™, clients learn how they participate in creating their own life experiences and how to use this information with effective tools to create something better, making the real changes they desire.  Authentic life change happens from the inside out and is permanent and lasting.

As your spiritual life coach, I work with you to develop individual, customized, integrative therapy programs.  This includes work from various disciplines like spiritual life coaching, healing codes, empathology, thought mastery (Law of Attraction), leading edge energy medicine, certified counseling, specialized kinesiology, herbs, flower essence, essential oils, and many other natural, holistic means to facilitate self-understanding, self development, personal growth, spiritual growth and development, wellness, and healthy, effective living.

A big aspect of this integrated approach is working with Universal Laws (Law of Attraction), beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, as well as utilizing leading edge energy medicine to heal “The Energetic Heart.”  Clients are shown how to effectively interact with Universal Laws, as well as how they create and attract their own life experiences.  Utilizing kinesiology techniques, we discover those beliefs and perceptions at the casual level of current problems; and then, by teaching clients to use effective tools, they are personally empowered to make lasting authentic life changes.  The most important part of all of this is teaching clients to remember Who and What they are, learn to identify with That, and live from Their Authentic Spiritual Core.  As this is incorporated into daily life experience, life makes more sense and feelings of PURPOSE, PEACE, LOVE, and JOY are possible to maintain, regardless of what life throw’s their way.

Clients receive these services via in person sessions, telephone, Skype, or video conferencing.  Contact Alice, Your Spiritual Life Coach, for a life changing appointment, 360 793 4930 or email

Spiritual Life Counseling Services

Torus Energy Field

Includes helping you remember Who and What you are.  The process includes learning to identify with and live from that inner spiritual/energetic authentic core that is the real you, gain and improve access to your Guidance, as well as learn to utilize the the ego and other sub-personality parts and roles we generally identify as “who we are,” as they were meant to be used.  When we are stuck in those smaller parts, ego, or roles, feeling as if that is all we are, we lack access to our real power, unlimited information, unlimited possibilities and unlimited energy, muddling about in negative emotions.  Understanding and utilizing this information is essential to provide lasting authentic life change.

Healing Codes Coaching Services

The Healing Code

Is THE leading edge healing process in energy medicine.  It works on the energetic spiritual level, healing the “issues of the heart,” the cellular memories, and the belief structure that is based on untruths or is otherwise not supportive of wellness and effective living.  The process replaces, balances, and otherwise shifts or changes the non conscious belief, decision, perception, or memory picture that is at the bottom of the issue at hand, replacing it with something healthy, that supports Peace, Love, Joy, Freedom, Wellness, and Effective Living.  See HEALING CODES for more detail.

Empathology Counseling Services

Is used to quickly discover the underlying non conscious belief structure that is at the bottom of the issue at hand.  Affirmations are used with several additional tools, to make them effective, to shift this belief structure to something that is truthful and supportive of wellness and healthy effective living.  Along with Healing Codes, Affirmations can shift the causal factor with a one two punch! See Empathology for more detail. 

Integrative Therapy Counseling Services

Is an integrated system of various effective holistic, natural, therapies and remedies that include, but are not limited to, empathology, specialized kinesiology (muscle testing), belief restructuring, thought habit mastery, healing codes, supplements, herbs, exercise, natural counseling, coaching, and more.  Each client’s needs are reviewed to ensure the services best suited for their specific issues are included in their customized program.

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Specialized Kinesiology

muscle testing
Muscle Testing

Is an effective bio-energetic testing mechanism that is utilized all over the world by health and wellness practitioners, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, some holistic physicians, and other professionals.  Dr. Hawking, noted genius, has stated that bio-energetic or bio-resonance is the most accurate testing tool in the world, when it is done correctly.  I find this tool useful to get down to the non-conscious truth and underlying cause of the issue at hand.  This tool is also effective to discover environmental impacts on clients or to discover the best exercise, supplement, herbs, foods or therapies for the client.

Alice occasionally teaches classes in personalized kinesiology, where clients learn to test themselves.  Look for this in class offerings or email of your interest to ensure you receive notification of current classes.

Law of Attraction/Thought Mastery Classes (The Secret)

Understanding the Universal Laws of thought is like having your own magic genie.

Alice provides occasional classes in The Universal Laws of Thought–Law of Attraction/Thought Mastery.  These classes may be in person or via video conferencing.

These classes provide in depth information about how these laws work as well as practical exercises and tools to help one actually use them deliberately to create more of the life they desire and less of what is not wanted.  Some of the testimonials mention personal positive experiences as result of taking these classes.

Check the Classes & Events for more information and current schedules.

And More…

Alice brings with her 23 years in health care finance and business, 40 plus years of countless workshops, seminars, and intensive studies with such as Carolyn Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy.  She is also a certified master herbalist, certified spiritual and energetic healer, certified empathologist, certified Healing Codes Practitioner certified life coach (CCC), a holistic practionier, and is highly intuitive.  She draws on all of this and more to ensure just the right custom program is developed with the each client for their highest and best.

Email now to make a life changing appointment or call 360 793 4930.  Personal Sessions are available in Sultan, and Gold Bar, WA, USA or you may receive services via telephone, Skype or video conferencing.  VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, local area check, cash, or PayPal payment options are accepted.  Payments may be made at the time of service. Some prepay options are available in the STORE for your convenience.