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A Holiday Celebrating Gratitude

Being grateful is so important, that it has its own holiday; ever wonder why?  Yes, in this country, early settlers decided to celebrate their harvest with gratitude in hopes it would last them the winter.  That’s true and important to celebrate. But there is also a more universal principle at play here. Gratitude is one of those great, powerful, positive emotions that attract more reasons to feel the same—even more gratitude.  I suggest here that

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Segment Intending–an Excellent Tool to Stay on Track

Life is busy, isn’t it?  There are interesting distractions everywhere.  How can you stay on track at work or in any other part of life, when media, interruptions, co-workers, family, errands, phone calls, and eh emmm Facebook and tablets or smart phones beckon us constantly?  So, just how can you stay focused at work to finish that project, or at home to spend quality time with your family and friends?   Use Segment Intending. Intention,

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GM Foods: The Truth About What You Eat—And Why Your Life Depends On It.

Today more than ever society has more awareness about the food around them.  What food is made of, where it comes from, how it’s produced, is it healthy, what is organic?  Although we are more educated now than ever before, people still continue to ignore the serious negative issues.  It’s an interesting dichotomy between the public perceptions of how food is produced and what actually happens. It would be naïve to think nothing happens to

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Life Changing Tools for “When Nothing Seems to Work” now available on Kindle!

  Life changing tools — Isn’t that what we want?  As I work with my clients, it becomes abundantly clear that everyone wants effective, life changing tools, to help manifest the changes we are seeking.  As Your Spiritual Life Coach, I want to provide you with those life changing tools that allow you to manifest the answers to our ongoing question, “How do you find inner peace?” Those of you, who have worked directly with

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