The List and the Law of Attraction


Clients often ask how to get that better job or finally find the right significant other. One of the tools I suggest, in addition to integrative therapy and healing codes, is THE LIST. THE LIST takes advantage of the fact that what you focus on expands, which is part of the Universal Law of Attraction. The intention here is to generate clarity and then give attention to only what is wanted. The list provides the means to achieve real clarity and then helps you to recognize results as well as appropriate opportunities for movement towards your desire. Many clients have reported significant positive results utilizing this exercise.





  • Choose what you want. Pick an area of life you want to change– job, career, relationships, health, vehicle, pet, personal characteristic, or something else.
  • Generate a written list of a minimum of 100 items–for “big” things like career or spouse, or say 20 for a new pet– that clearly describes what you want. Answering the question, “What do I want here?” repeatedly helps this process.
  • State each of these 100 or more items as a word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph clearly describing what you desire. Edit and add to these over time until you feel good about each one.
  • State each item in the positive. Make sure the mind picture generated by your statement is positive. For example, if you want your significant other not to smoke, notice how the phrase “She is a non-smoker,” still conjures up the picture of smoke curling about her head. A phrase like, “She values a healthy body and fresh air and acts in accordance with that value,” is much better.
  • When you see things as you go through your day that are what you’d like in this job, person, or thing, add it to your list.
  • When you see things as you go through your day that you don’t like, ask yourself, “What do I want instead?” and that preference goes on the list.
  • This list is a dynamic document. It is something that is visited and revised often, preferably at least once a week, until your desire is achieved. What you focus on expands.
  • You may discover you’ve left out entire subjects as you go over the list repeatedly over many days and weeks. Add them in.
  • Focusing on this list repeatedly will generate clarity as you discover what’s truly important to you. You may even find yourself deleting some things you originally put on the list. If you do so, just make sure you are not deleting it because you don’t think you can have it. If you feel you can’t have it, this is a subject suitable for using the integrative therapy or healing codes processes.
  • Focusing on this list while feeling like it is possible for you to have what is desired will bring opportunities serendipitously across your path, which can lead you to its achievement.
  • Focusing on this list while intentionally generating genuine excitement, expectation, and most importantly gratitude for it being yours is a requirement for achievement.
  • Focusing on this list while feeling like it is an exercise in futility will, of course, push it away from you. This is when the belief restructuring part of integrative therapy can really make a difference for your achievement. Monitor your emotions. You want the positive ones to be real. The negative ones are useful flags telling you that you have unconscious beliefs in the way of you actually having or achieving what you want.
  • As you focus on what you want, you may discover your current relationship or job has more of what you want than you realized or they may leave your life to provide room for someone or something new that more closely matches your list. You may have to let go of something unsuitable in order to make room for something better.

Remember what you focus on positively manifests positively, while what you focus on negatively manifests negatively. The Law of Attraction always works. It has never not worked for you. Understanding this principle and using it deliberately can be a positive watershed event in your life. It is your job to get your thoughts and beliefs into alignment with having what you desire. This part is usually the sticking point for most. Once you have the clarity, provided by THE LIST, integrative therapy becomes vital in providing a process for changing any un-supportive beliefs you find in your way. This is especially true, if those un-supportive beliefs reside in that ninety-five percent of your belief structure that is unconscious. You can tell if you have beliefs hidden there by the ease or difficulty required to intentionally feel excited, expectant, and grateful when deliberately thinking that what you want is already yours—and it is just a matter of arrival timing.


Do you want something different in your life? Try this tool and begin making a change. If you want something different in your life, first you must think, believe, say, and do something different. Why not start now.


Was this tool helpful? I’d appreciate your feedback. Just “list” your thoughts and questions in the comments below!


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