Free Stress Reducing Healing Code!

Stress is a huge negative factor in our life today.  A healthy amount of stress, when handled effectively, can actually move us in the direction of our best life.  Mostly though,  overwhelming stress in today’s society contributes to generalized fatigue, depression, lack of motivation,  hopelessness and despair; and will eventually result in disease if not appropriately handled. Stress really takes a huge bite out of our happiness factor.  Whatever clients bring to our sessions, stress

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Thought Mastery Classes

The Universe Only Says, YES! If you’ve seen “The Secret” or “What the Bleep..” and want more practical information to use these concepts, consider taking a Thought Mastery Class Just as the laws of gravity and electricity work for benefit or catastrophe, based on how they are put to use; so too, does the Law of Attraction work to create positive or negative life experiences based on how it is used. And just like gravity,

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The Best Stuff I Have Found! — Affiliate Products

Hi. This page is devoted to informing you of the best stuff I have found. Yes, I am affiliated with those listed here that have an affiliate programs and receive a small commission if you make a purchase, as any other affiliate does.  However, I list them here only if I consider it a “best stuff” item, I like and use the product and believe it will have a positive impact on my clients well-being,

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Healing Codes Packages

  Click here and Learn More and Purchase a Healing Codes Package for yourself–once there, click on STORE! It’s hard to believe but YOU possess the world’s most perfect healing machine. NO… it’s not some some incredible wonder drug or a high-tech medical device. It is YOU! Your Body! In fact, if you put yourself and your body in a state of a “supercharged immune system” then the body heals and protects itself. YOU ARE

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30 Minute Mini-Session

How do you find peace of mind?  How do you heal the life issues that seem to be in the way of living the life you choose?  How do you build healthy, effective, lasting relationships?  How do you get to the cause of the real problems of life? Spiritual Life Coaching in conjunction with Healing Codes get to the root of the issues and provide appropriate effective tools, that when utilized, help you to move from “here” where

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Alice’s Book!

Do you feel stuck and nothing works? Do solutions to relationships, career, self-esteem, health or life problems elude you?  Do you want to reduce stress, overwhelm, frustration, anger, guilt, depression and more?  Would you like to address the cause for specific lackluster results?  Experience exercises to help you understand, identify and change the limiting subconscious beliefs at the bottom of it all.  Armed with a new understanding and effective tools, you too can make changes

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