30 Minute Mini-Session

How do you find peace of mind?  How do you heal the life issues that seem to be in the way of living the life you choose?  How do you build healthy, effective, lasting relationships?  How do you get to the cause of the real problems of life?

Spiritual Life Coaching in conjunction with Healing Codes get to the root of the issues and provide appropriate effective tools, that when utilized, help you to move from “here” where life is not what you choose to “there” where life is becoming more of what you want, in ever greater capacity.

Do you want better relationships, a better job, a better relationship with money, better self-esteem, spiritual growth and development, more wellness, or to make a difference?  Together, we will work with the causal factors of these issues, as we help you remember Who and What you are, begin living from your Authentic Core and heal those problems at the root.

In a 30 Minute Mini-Session via telephone, or if you prefer, Skype or video conferencing, you will begin to received vital education and tools, including a custom Healing Code, to start the healing process right now.  This allows you to see if this process is the one you’ve been looking for, to finally CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (See Testimonials)  You may continue to use mini sessions or opt for full sessions later as you discover how these ideas, tools and techniques are the “short cut” to the better life you desire.

You may call (360) 793 4930 for more information or to set an appointment.  Or you may click on the PayPal button below to pay now and Ms. Buehring will call to set your appointment.

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For One 30 Minute Mini-Session: $ 45.00