The Best Stuff I Have Found! — Affiliate Products


This page is devoted to informing you of the best stuff I have found.

Yes, I am affiliated with those listed here that have an affiliate programs and receive a small commission if you make a purchase, as any other affiliate does.  However, I list them here only if I consider it a “best stuff” item, I like and use the product and believe it will have a positive impact on my clients well-being, whether they have an affiliate program or not.  I do only list them here if I think they serve a good purpose.  Check them out.  I leave it up to you what you choose to do with that information.

Centerpointe “Best Stuff” Meditation Tools

For those seriously pursuing Spiritual Connection, Growth, and Development, these meditation tools help you meditate like a guru, now!  Click Here

Send Out “Best Stuff” Cards

This is for those who understand the benefit of sending out physical cards to their family friends and clients and want the ease of hitting a button and it is sent.  — It goes out with your personal messages complete with stamp!  Click Here

Dressing Your Truth “Best Stuff”

Self-Image is very important for a successful life.  Knowing your energy profile as well as the way to dress for your energy style can be vital to making you comfortable in your own skin.

Click Here for Dressing Your Truth

PHMiracle “Best Stuff”

For those interested in trying to shift their PH levels to support weight loss and wellness, consider this.  Click Here

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism–aka Genetically Engineered Foods) “Best Stuff” Information

Eating cleanly and healthily has become more and ever more difficult.  Good health is one of the pillars to a successful life, where one feels good, has plenty of energy and inspiration to fulfill their dreams.  I recommend eating GMO FREE to all my clients and here is why:  View the Genetic Roulette Movie (trailer or full movie) here.  (You can see the gist of it for free, by watching the preview)

Click here for Genetic Roulette