How to Find Personal Vision

Futuristic eye concept.Vision. Do you have one for your life? If you have one, do you feel well on your way to achieving it? If your answer was NO, do you know why? Would you like to make changes in your life in this area?


It seems some people just know what their vision and purpose is, while most of us need to journal, think, and work on it to discover this information. For this group, I find it useful to look at what’s important in the various life arenas—spiritual growth, health, relationships, career, finance, community, and ?


Some useful questions to ask are: What do we always find ourselves doing? What do we enjoy most? What seems to be our gifts? What is MOST interesting to us? What brings us joy? What do we value most? What is challenging and exciting? And then use journaling to discover more and more about ourselves over time.


I also find it useful to look at our interests, activities, and the way we spend our time within the following framework. It can help keep our activities in alignment with what is really important TO US, instead of just doing a lot of busywork or hard work on things that really don’t matter that much TO US.


Soul/Spirit Drives

Life Mission


Values in Life

Long Term Goals

Short Term Goals

To Choose From To Do List

Today’s Prioritized List.


You see, if you begin to work with and journal about what is important to you, your Values in Life; then your Vision or Life Mission can flow up out of what you value. You may also begin to understand what your Spirit/Soul has in mind for you. Once you even begin to have an inkling about these things, then you can see how your long term goals will more easily flow down out of that purpose. The short term goals become then the smaller steps and means to attain the long term goals, and the To Choose From To Do List can keep you directly on track with what you really want for your life. This last list is the one you look at when figuring out how to spend the time you have today.


Without an over-arching Vision, Intention, or Life Purpose, we often get caught up in today’s events and problems and many years can be spent working against the very things we want most.


What then keeps us from utilizing this format for moving ourselves towards what we really want most out of living?


Belief structure and Habits of Thought. Well, you knew I’d get to that sometime, right? If you hold beliefs like, “I can’t get what I want.” or “It’s too hard.” or “I’m too stupid—too old—too sick—too fat—too tired…(you fill in the blank)” or “I can’t do it” or “I don’t know what I want”, (and this list goes on of course), then why would you even spend the time trying to discover your own vision for your life? Your subconscious would sabotage every effort you take in that direction, believing it to be a major waste of time or set up for disappointment. In actuality, you’ll probably agree that the big waste is not taking the time to discover the inner purpose and drives within you as well as finding ways to go for it.


Now, stop right there. Leave the baseball bat in the closet, don’t beat yourself up over this. It really is the truth that you do the best you can with what you know at any given time—given your belief structure. Have compassion for yourself, be allowing of your own process. Instead of falling into socially programmed self defeated behaviors, start here and now, looking at this for yourself with a commitment to make changes. Remember, our belief structure is only a decision we made or bought, from childhood and often is not the truth. It really is worth our while to dislodge those that stop us from living our lives fully, in joy and passion doing those things that serve our highest and best interest. I hope you are inspired to take some time with this idea, and go for it!