Alice’s Book!


Do you feel stuck and nothing works?

Do solutions to relationships, career, self-esteem, health or life problems elude you?  Do you want to reduce stress, overwhelm, frustration, anger, guilt, depression and more?  Would you like to address the cause for specific lackluster results?  Experience exercises to help you understand, identify and change the limiting subconscious beliefs at the bottom of it all.  Armed with a new understanding and effective tools, you too can make changes and finally achieve what you really want out of life.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  ~ Albert Einstein

  • Understand the beliefs and life experience connection!
  • Change unconscious self-limiting, beliefs!
  • Cultivate supportive life enhancing beliefs!
  • Utilize unique online tools and change your life!

This book is UNIQUE!  This Messenger Mini-Book is connected to an new online technology that continues the message in this book through a FREE online environment.  You will find expanded content on this book’s message including; video clips, graphics, pictures, links and resources!  It provides a deeper, more personalized experience of this book’s message.

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