Other Sites of Note

Wellness & WellbeingPS-B-Healthy ~ Fitness Training and Wellness Specialist:  Paula Beatty is an excellent fitness trainer and her degrees in nutrition and nursing provide a tremendously helpful background for her wellness counseling.  Paula and I occasionally provide Wellness and Wellbeing Workshops together.  Click here





The Hermits Grove:  Bulk Herbs, Master Herbalist classes via distance learning, Medicinal Herb Garden Tours, Live Herb Plants, Astrology readings and more are available.  Rev. Paul Beyerl, Master Herbalist and author. Click Here

Brenda Miller, Certified Professional Coach and Radical Forgiveness Coach, coaching people to feel fulfilled, peaceful, and prosperous as they move toward peak performance, success, and forgiveness of self and others.  Click Here

Bearfoot Healing, Trauma Release Coaching  Rev. Christopher StandingBear integrates many therapies and helps you resolve the emotional trauma resulting from the minor or very serious physical and emotional traumas that leave us crippled, anxious, overwhelmed, struggling with PTSD, panic attacks, depression.  Check out his website to see if this is a good fit for you.  Click Here

Bellevue Health and Training Center:  Find out information about Family Constellations Workshops and more.  Click Here.

BodyMindSpirit Directory:  Provides a directory of local, natural, and alternative practitioners, services, products, and organizations.  Click Here

Natural Choice Directory:  The Natural Choice Directory is a comprehensive guide for green and healthy living.  It is both a local directory and a rich source of information for green businesses, natural health care, natural food stores and services, and resources for spiritual practice.  (I find this to be a reliable information filled resource)  Click Here