About Alice

Alice Buehring worked for 23 years in the home health and hospice finance system, watching patients struggle with life long emotional issues or literally die of what could have been preventable physical illnesses.  A good share of those diseases seem to originate in emotional, spiritual, and the stuff of life issues.  This idea had a huge impact on her.  Combined with her own challenging upbringing, this inspired a personal mission to “find the answers.”  Alice has devoted her life to understanding what creates optimal wellness, happiness, effective functional living, and authentic life change.

Certifications, Trainings and Experience:

  • Certified Healing Codes Practitioner, certified by Alex Loyd, ND, PhD founder of The Healing Codes, a leading edge energy medicine process
  • Certified Empathologist and Specialized Kinesiologist by Bernie Day, founder of Empathology.  Alice also taught Empathology for a year
  • Certified Spiritual Healer/Ordained Minister through SHES
  • Certified Life Coach through training with Dr. Steve Hall, Co-Creative Coaching, where she also taught coaching for a year
  • Alice’s experience includes intensive retreat studies of The Science of Intuition by Carolyn Myss, PhD, well known author and Norm Shealy, holistic MD
  • Certified Master Herbalist by Paul Beyerl at The Hermits Grove, Master Herbalist and author
  • Retired Certified Counselor-State of WA
  • Plus Alice has engaged in 40 years of intensive self-study in psychosynthesis, psychology and other relevant natural healing subjects

Now Alice shares this information with others through a natural counseling and healing practice in integrative spiritual life coaching, utilizing her knowledge and skills in intuition, spiritual and “energy medicine” healing, life and spiritual life coaching, empathology, specialized kinesiology, herbalism, natural healing, and more.

Alice says, “Many systems and programs have great merit.  In my experience, all those that have lasting positive effects include similar threads of Truth.  These threads include supportive thinking, supportive attitudes, and supportive belief structure.  They include being in alignment with the physical and spiritual laws of nature and the universe; and, absolutely include spiritual connection, spiritual development and living from the heart.  In fact, I believe, without the spiritual connection plus Trust and Faith in Life, nothing much else works for long.”  Integrative Spiritual Life Coaching sessions provide ongoing support, specific experiential tools, spiritual and personal growth and development, habits of thoughts mastery and belief restructuring, kinesiology, energy medicine, and much more to facilitate authentic life change.

Personal sessions are available in person, via telephone, or video conferencing.  Classes are available from time to time.  Classes may also be arranged for specific groups with specific focuses, like a workgroup or customized corporate training.  E-mail Alice for more information or to set an appointment alice@lifeforcenatural.com