Thought Mastery Classes

The Universe Only Says, YES!

If you’ve seen “The Secret” or “What the Bleep..” and want more practical information to use these concepts, consider taking a Thought Mastery Class


Just as the laws of gravity and electricity work for benefit or catastrophe, based on how they are put to use; so too, does the Law of Attraction work to create positive or negative life experiences based on how it is used. And just like gravity, this basic law functions continuously whether we know about it, understand it, heed it, or not.

  • Explore the “thought/belief” and life experience relationship.
  • Understand and utilize this powerful law intentionally.
  • Discover how WE create experiences on a continuous basis.
  • Reshape and practice your thinking habits.
  • Learn to use specific tools of thought.

 Sign up with a friend, family, or partner and practice the tools together!

Armed with this knowledge and the new personal experiences this series provides, you have the opportunity to utilize the Law of Attraction to your benefit, rather than attracting life experiences by default.

  • Level One Thought Mastery Class Series: Learn Laws of Attraction and other universal tools and familiarize yourself with how best to utilize them. Series of eight two-hour classes
  • Level Two Thought Mastery Class Series: Learn how to utilize these laws and tools in specific areas of Career, Money, Health, Relationships, and More. Series of six two-hour classes
  • Level Three Thought Mastery Class Series: Pick a project and move forward, utilizing the group for support, motivation, and accountability for positive progress. Series of six two-hour classes

Classes are held in various locations and online via webinar. To be placed on the list of those requesting notification of the next thought mastery class series offers– email .

VISA, MasterCard, Discover cards and PayPal are accepted.  In addition, personal checks and cash, of course, are accepted for in person classes.

Discover the Universal Laws of Attraction and more, plus how to use them to create the life you prefer.

Each level is a series of six to eight two hour classes—and include materials.

Call 360 793 4930 or email for locations, upcoming dates, fees, and to Register!

It is not that we believe it because we experience it.

Rather it is that we experience it because we believe it.