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Holiday Stress!

During this time of year, I find that people shift their focus from their usual day-to-day to focus on the events, preparations, and expectations of the holidays.  Everyone’s experience is different.  Some people actually experience warm and fuzzy joyous times with family and friends; some others long for that holiday “perfection” as family conflicts heighten and work deadlines loom; while some others feel even more lonely and depressed than usual, watching others enjoy the season

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Having Trouble Getting Started?

  Ever find yourself in that spot where you want something done; but you just can’t seem to bring yourself to start it?  You’re going to do it.  You want it completed.  You intend to work on it; but find yourself doing everything even anything else first.  There’s those calls you want to make, those important client emails to answer, and that big project the boss wants on Friday; but you find yourself reorganizing your

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STRESS: “In a study, they took mice…”

  STRESS!  — In this brief YouTube video, Dr. Alex Loyd, founder of The Healing Codes, discusses the vital life saving reasons to reduce our experience of chronic STRESS.  I have to say he has the best succinct explanation of the stress experience and consequence that I’ve seen anywhere, and so wanted you to see it. Prior to starting my own practice in 1996, I spent 23 years in health care finance–the last nine as

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