Recommended Books & Media

Time and Goal Managment

There are lots of goal setting programs out there that intend to help you accomplish those things that you want to change, achieve, and acquire in life.  It’s important to find a system that inspires you to own your life experiences, using that to empower you to change your thoughts, plans, and actions moving you in the directions you want to go.  I have discovered a system called “12 Week Year” by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington that, when used as offered, solves a significant amount of the problems that get in the way of achieving those prized goals.  I find this book’s system powerful, personally useful, and believe you will too!

Healing and Stress Management

In my experience and understanding, beliefs that are not founded in Truth is at the bottom of or at least a significant part of the stress, emotional and physical dysfunction and pain.  Dr. Alex Loyds’ “The Healing Code” is one of the few tools I’ve researched and studied that actually makes a significant positive shift in those sabotaging beliefs that are obstacles to our healing and effective living.  I personally use his system, have studied to become a certified healing codes practitioner, and use it with my clients.  This book provides individuals with a beginning process that they can use for self healing.  I recommend it highly.

Healing one’s habits of thought is essential to changing both the way we create our belief structure, as well as influencing what we create in our life experience.  Dr. Daniel Amen, MD’s book “Change Your Brain Change Your Life” provides significant tools to help one move into positive thinking or help people with ADHD or other brain/thought issues.  I often use his tools with my clients and recommend his book for those who want to delve more deeply into self-healing of habits of thought.

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

An Important part of healing ourselves, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is remembering Who and What We Are.  I highly recommended Neale Donald Walsch’s “What God Said.”In this book he both notes and expands on the 25 most life-changing and spiritually revolutionary ideas in his 9-book Conversation’s with God series.  I find this book a useful manual for working towards a better understanding of just Who and What WE ARE!  Definitely mind and life expanding.