Why some clients have difficulty with affirmations–and what to do.


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” ~ Unknown

Sometimes clients find it difficult or even impossible to do their affirmations for positive change.  Most often this is reported after the clients first session, though it can happen at any time.  No matter when this occurs, there is always an important reason why.

Though I usually test for subconscious programs that could be triggered by the new preferred belief structure, sometimes it takes a few repetitions of the new affirmations before the “trigger” happens.  If a survival program is triggered, it is quite understandable that the subconscious mind will do anything to sabotage any further saying of the “offending” phrase.  Survival programs are those beliefs that are in the format of “If this happens, then ( I’ll die, or I won’t exist, or I’ll have no life etc.).  Survival programs are generally useful in keeping one safe.  For example, If I step off a cliff, I’ll fall and die”, keeps us safely away from the edge.  When survival programs are irrational, If this positive good thing happens, I’ll have no life, it often results in subconscious sabotage of beneficial behavior.  For example, being raised by a workaholic parent may result in a belief equating success with working all the time, having no time left for love or fun—have no life.  This type of belief or  perception will literally stop various attempts to bring significant success into ones life, including doing one’s life changing affirmations.

Some other reasons doing affirmations may become difficult include the client not really being ready to experience life differently—the known misery is easier to live with than facing the unknown; or there may be payoffs for not changing.  While saying their affirmations, clients may also experience thoughts suggesting the new belief structure is not the real truth, and stop.  These thoughts actually come from the subconscious wanting to hold on to the old perception.  The solution is to just continue doing the affirmations.  It is usually noted that these thoughts change by the end of the third week in support of the new belief. 

“I am NOT a product of my circumstances.  I AM a product of my decisions.”  ~  Stephen Covey

As you go through this process, it is important to remember the reasons affirmations work in the first place.  Empathology affirmations include a combination of techniques that help them work.  The finger mode brings the blood back to our brain’s frontal lobes; while the eye rotations allow us to access places in our brain where information about this specific issue is stored.  The phrases are said out loud so you have multi-sensory input insuring the mind’s acceptance.  Repetition three times a day for 21 days allows our brain to make this new belief into our new reality by the same process that makes habits in the first place.  Once the new belief is in place, our ongoing life events are then filtered through this new “reality”, resulting in  new automatic responses and behaviors.  You find yourself acting in ways you prefer without having to remember to do it differently or using willpower.  Your response to life’s experiences shift.

be the change in wood typeSo, if you ever stop or  experience extreme difficulty in doing your affirmations, I recommend you make an appointment to discover exactly what important additional program is at the bottom of this sabotaging behavior.  Remember you won’t be judged here, so don’t let old programed feelings of embarrassment stop you from removing this added obstacle from your intended path to healthy effective living.