What is Empathology?


You already know what you want. You’ve been to the seminars and read all the books. You even know the steps to follow to achieve goals and make changes. So, now is your life just the way you want it?

If you just answered, “No,” unconscious perceptions and beliefs are the likely culprits. To the extent these beliefs are limiting, unhealthy, or irrational, they block you from manifesting what you really want out of life. Empathology facilitates rapid discovery and effective change of those casual perceptions or belief structures underlying health, relationship, career, finance, and other life problems.  So, again if you said, “NO,” just what is it that’s stopping you?

Empathology facilitates a process for powerful self-exploration and empowerment. Casual perceptions underlying the issue at hand are often discovered within old traumatic as well as, surprising as it may be, mundane experiences.  In the process of living every day, current situations trigger these old events; and you relive old emotions, leaving you helpless to make any changes.

Using Empathology, we are able to employ effective techniques to identify and virtually disconnect the exact unhealthy, irrational, or limiting perception or belief, replacing it with something healthier. After this process is complete, clients find their automatic behavioral responses and in the moment decisions change, as they are then driven by the new perception or belief.

The result? Life experience changes positively.

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