STRESS: “In a study, they took mice…”


STRESS!  — In this brief YouTube video, Dr. Alex Loyd, founder of The Healing Codes, discusses the vital life saving reasons to reduce our experience of chronic STRESS.  I have to say he has the best succinct explanation of the stress experience and consequence that I’ve seen anywhere, and so wanted you to see it.

Prior to starting my own practice in 1996, I spent 23 years in health care finance–the last nine as CFO of a large Hospice/Home Health organization.  While there, I observed the very sad, real life consequences those patients experienced from lives filled with chronic out-of-control stress.  — Not pretty.

One of my primary intentions. as Your Spiritual Life Coach, is to influence you into understanding the need for daily stress reduction activities; and further, to provide you with access to effective tools to accomplish that intention.  This type of daily practice goes a long way to restore your sense of peace and contributes to the answer to the question, “How do you find peace?”

I also am not seeing much available in society in the way of educating people about HOW to reduce their experience of stress, with the exception of meditation and exercise.  And, though I also advocate that, we all seem pretty brainwashed into thinking we aren’t allowed to take care of ourselves well and first, we’re not allowed to take whatever time is required to exercise and meditate or just plain chill out.  And what we are supposed to do instead is just drink another wallet-busting latte and push our bodies even further.  And, just as Dr. Alex would say, it’s killing us.

So, I wanted to offer you some tools that, if you use them, will indeed help you include yourself in your life’s priorities, to allow you to take the time you need to care for yourself well and first,  to help you get to the bottom of all the why’s and wherefore’s of the foundational reasons you feel stress in the first place.

When I work with clients, in person, on the phone, or via video conferencing, together, we develop customized programs.  These programs include affirmations, various techniques, and healing codes to specifically address each individual’s reasons for experiencing inappropriate stress or other problem issues.  If that interests you, feel free to email me at to request an appointment, or visit // for more information.

In the meantime, I’d love to send you a FREE stress reduction healing code.  Feel free to use it as instructed and copy it and share it with all your family and friends.  Just email your request to and I’ll send it right along to you.

If you are interested in doing the personal work yourself, there are Healing Codes Program packages that really make a difference–if you use them.  Just Click here and see if this option sparks your personal Guidance.

In the meantime, I can’t STRESS enough the importance of reducing your stress level on a daily basis, so be sure to take me up on the free stress reducing healing code.

Now, I’d love to hear from YOU!  What are you doing to reduce your stress today?  Leave a post and let this blog community in on the techniques that work for you!  Also, let me know your response to Dr. Alex’s video–did you know any of that already?  Anyone want to take up for the poor mice?

Sending You Blessings!