Your Spiritual Life Coach blogs on How do you find Inner Peace? Welcome to my new blog!

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my new blog!

I look forward to sharing together on many topics intended to help all of us live fulfilling and effective lives.  As

your Spiritual Life Coach, I intend to bring you information, ideas, exercises, and links to those related products I’ve found useful to help in this endeavor.  I look forward to hearing from you very much as we interact on these subjects!  Please bear with me as I learn to use this new media tool.  I do love learning new things.

The first topic I’d like to discuss for a while is “How do you find inner peace?”

Some of you have already received an email on this subject; however, if you want a review, or haven’t seen it yet, a copy of that article has it’s very own page right here on this blog–see:  How do you find inner peace?

As noted in that article, my first recommendation for finding peace is to meditate.  Most types work if you use them.  Daily is preferred; however, any meditation you do is better than not doing it.  The major issue people have with meditation is that it takes a long time and significant discipline to train your brain.  And in today’s fast paced society, we’ve forgotten to value our INNER PEACE enough to take the time and be consistent enough to begin to see any difference it would eventually make for us.

So, I’ve been searching for an effective meditation tool that will cut out the time and discipline problems.  And I’ve found something just great to solve those very issues!  It is a meditation CD tool that effectively entrain’s your brain to the perfect brainwave frequencies necessary to attain a good meditative state.  All you do is get comfortable, put on the head phones, relax and LISTEN.  That’s all that’s you do!  The sounds do the rest. 

Not only does meditation begin to set you up to find that sense of inner peace, that is so very essential; you can look forward to may positive physical changes, like lowering your blood pressure and more.

So if that interests you Click here and find out more about this tool and how you find inner peace!

So, now it is your turn.  Please let me know your thoughts.  What are you doing to find  inner peace?  What are your questions?  What is important to you, that I may address in this lovely blog media?  And for those of you who have tried this CD tool I’m recommending–please feel free to let us know what it is doing for you!

Sending you Blessings!


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