Purpose, Why Is This Important?

Futuristic eye concept.There are questions we ask ourselves every day.  What am I doing? Why am I here? What does this mean for me?  They usually don’t have direct answers. When we ask ourselves, ‘why am I here?’ it doesn’t always literally mean why am I in this specific location. At least part of us is more likely thinking, how did we get to this place, what’s the purpose of being here.  People may go their whole lives without ever truly knowing their life purpose or divine mission. Even people, who think they know, often have a change of thinking or something happens that throws off their whole understanding of themselves, the universe and surroundings.  One thing that becomes ultimately clear, though, is that without clarity regarding personal life purpose, our goals and daily actions are ill informed and not in alignment with achieving what will provide us with peace, love, freedom, and joy.  (Those four things being what we truly want, motivating anything else we say we are wanting.)  Living and acting without this clarity is why we struggle and feel such a great deal of painful emotions.



Although you may never consciously discover fully what your true purpose in life is, don’t be discouraged.  The journey to find that purpose is your spiritual path. Your spiritual growth pertains to many different things and helps you along that path to your ultimate purpose. Your growth includes the development of yourself with an internal and intentional focus on your interactions with others in everyday life, as well as the development of healthy and effective living.   More than this, it is the discovery of or “remembering” of who and what you truly are.  At the energetic spiritual source of your being, you hold the blueprint of your intended path, mission, and purpose.  Really, it is in there.  This purpose includes what you intended to contribute to life, humanity, and this world we live in.  Remembering, discovering, and then contribution this intended purpose is really the only thing that provides you with actual fulfillment, direction, and feelings of purpose in this life.  When you are acting in alignment with this purpose, it comes from inspiration and becomes something that you cannot, not do.  It is truly who you are at your core.  Living from that place feels good, regardless of what it may take to accomplish that.  This contribution of your personal purpose is actually vital to the rest of us.


Spiritual growth, effective living, and all the things that give us purpose motivate and inspire us to be the best version of ourselves possible.  The journey to remembering or discovering our purpose aligns us with all that brings fulfillment and deep inner joy, not just fleeting moments of happiness.  Contributing what we intended is vital for others to build further our ever advancing civilization in a positive direction.  No, I really am not kidding about that.



Feelings of gratitude and inspiration and alignment with our own truth and passion are signposts along the path, showing positive progress.  Often we think that if we could only motivate ourselves properly, we’d make progress; but motivation and inspiration are different. If motivation is require, we are actually out of alignment or subconsciously believing something that is untrue.  Understand, that if we have to motivate ourselves, the rest of that sentence is …”but I don’t want to!”  This is a signal that more investigation into our intentions and purposes is required.  For when we are acting out of inspiration, there are no doubts, we just KNOW, it feels perfectly right, nothing will stop us, solutions are possible, and nothing will deter our intentions—we fully go forth and act positively, find a way, and ultimately feel good as we progress.

We don’t always have the answers immediately, and as I mentioned before, it’s a long winding journey to find any resemblance or reason or clear path. Great compassion for yourself and your process is very important here. However, the journey itself, as you fine tune your personal gps, along with each time you find the next piece, plus the experience that comes from all places the journey takes you, the more easily you come to experiencing ongoing inner peace.  Believe me this journey becomes the only thing that provides ultimate fulfillment and is truly worth all you give to this endeavor.



So, what do you suppose is the next step on your path of mission and purpose?  What is in your way to finding it?  What would your life be life if you were living in alignment with that?  Where would you like to see something different in the world?  What inspires you?  How do you suppose you would feel if you found clarity on this very vital subject?  Please share your insights and comments and engage conversation on this in the comments below; I’d love to hear from you.


Post Written by Alice Buehring of Lifeforce Natural Healing Alternatives.