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Purpose, Why Is This Important?

There are questions we ask ourselves every day.  What am I doing? Why am I here? What does this mean for me?  They usually don’t have direct answers. When we ask ourselves, ‘why am I here?’ it doesn’t always literally mean why am I in this specific location. At least part of us is more likely thinking, how did we get to this place, what’s the purpose of being here.  People may go their whole

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GM Foods: The Truth About What You Eat—And Why Your Life Depends On It.

Today more than ever society has more awareness about the food around them.  What food is made of, where it comes from, how it’s produced, is it healthy, what is organic?  Although we are more educated now than ever before, people still continue to ignore the serious negative issues.  It’s an interesting dichotomy between the public perceptions of how food is produced and what actually happens. It would be naïve to think nothing happens to

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