What If There is No Such Thing As Failure?

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What if I told you that you have NEVER failed once in your whole life—you have just had some successes you didn’t like?  Incredulous?   Please consider that some things are Truth, whether you choose to believe it or not. 

The Law of (Deliberate) Creation states:  That which you give thought to, and allow to be, is.  This is also known as, the power of positive thinking or “what I fear, comes upon me.”  I like to think of it as:  What you think about, subconsciously believe in, focus on, concentrate on, in your gut know to be true, worry about, or fear, and don’t effectively negate, manifests in your life experience.  This is the very experience you describe when something not preferred happens and you say, “I knew it!”  Yes, you indeed did know it.  You actually “knew it” right into physical existence  (as one of those successes you don’t like.)  Not only are thoughts real, they are magnetic, and the preponderance of their frequencies become the causal factor of how we create our own reality, behavior, experiences, and even things–including how well we do our jobs.  Don’t let this information scare you—given what you notice goes on in your daily thoughts.  Instead, allow it to empower you.  You can learn to use this information more deliberately, to empower your ability to create the experiences and outcomes you want in your life, like an ever advancing successful sales record, for example.



Universal Laws of Thought

 a brief overview


Intention:  To become familiar with the Universal Laws of Thought and begin to understand to use them for authentic change.


When to use this tool:


  • When you want to understand more about how it is you create your own life experiences.
  • When you want to act in harmony with these laws to bring about the life experiences or authentic life changes you prefer more easily.


Why are these laws important?


            The Universal Laws of Thought are Truths with a capital T.  Reference to them can be found in great spiritual, self-help, success oriented, philosophical, and other literature all across written history.  When you understand these laws, you will recognize references to them everywhere.  These Laws are Universal.  That is, they are the Truth under any and all circumstances, regardless of whether we choose to believe that or not, regardless of whether we are aware of them or not, and regardless of whether we choose to heed them or not.  Even more so than the laws of gravity or the laws of electricity, these laws function 100% of the time, without prejudice.


            The law of gravity, for example, works in alignment and harmony with the laws of aerodynamics and those regarding escape velocity, to allow us to either stay firmly planted on this planet, or take off for a flight around the moon.  And should we choose to step off a 200 foot cliff, unaided by a hang glider, rope or parachute, we will indeed reach the bottom at the usual speed of things that fall.  This is true, whether we are a nationally sought after arch criminal or a two-year old innocent.  Gravity does not care which.  Neither does it choose to work or not work in relationship to what or who is falling.  Gravity makes no distinctions and is not good or evil, it simply is.  Whether that becomes personally useful or devastating matters to gravity not at all.  It simply works the same way every time.


            The law of electricity, as another example, flows through select mediums once a circuit is completed and so long as it stays complete.  It is highly useful to light our homes and businesses and run our equipment.  It is not prejudice in following its own nature.  It makes no differentiation, if a person places a hairpin or plug end in a wall socket.  This substance flows through the available medium whether that happens to be a computer or a child, with predictable outcomes.  Ignorance is not excused here.  And though the results may not be our preference, the electricity itself is not good or evil, it simply is.  It does not make choices.  It simply follows its natural laws and works the same way every time, without regard to our preferred results.


            So, too, the Universal Laws of Thought are in the permanent ON position, working perfectly 100% of the time, with consistent results, totally without prejudice.  Ignorance is not excused here either.  In fact, these laws have operated within our lives all along.  We can not disengage them.  Unfortunately, if we do not understand how these laws work, we will manifest things and outcomes in our lives that are not our preference.  We do that through ignorance and by default; but WE do it just the same.  These laws are neither good nor evil.  They continue to work the same way every time.  Again, they simply are, whether we judge the results good or devastating.  They are in effect in group co-created experiences as well as on an individual basis.


            I suggest here, that it is both useful and important to understand these laws and how they work fully.  It is then we can become more deliberate in the creation of what we want in life.


So, what are these Universal Laws of Thought?  There are three Laws of Thought (that I cover in the Thought Mastery course), The Law of Attraction, The Law of Creation, and the Law of Allowing.


The Law of Attraction


            The first law is called the Law of Attraction.  It states:  That which is like unto itself is drawn.  It has been stated many other ways such as, “as you sow, so shall you reap,” or “birds of a feather flock together,” or “like attracts like,” or “what you focus on, expands,” or even “misery loves company.”


If you look at the quantum physics level, everything is energy.  This energy has magnetic properties.  The law of attraction works on this energetic level to bring together “like” intentions or like things, as in buyer to seller.  Both people intend to participate in a transaction, trading money for a product, service, or something of value.  At first I found it interesting that the attraction is not buyer to buyer, or seller to seller; though you often see large congregations of both in the same place—like in town, or the mall.  However, it is the intention of the completed transaction that is the attracting force.  Both buyer and seller hold this same intention.  This law can be seen in every aspect of our lives because it operates within the energy realm of our thought, and we think about everything.


First, what is my definition of the word thought?  When I use the word thought in this discussion, that concept includes:


>  What goes on in our conscious mind

>  What goes on in our unconscious, inner conscious, and sub conscious mind

>  Our Beliefs (Conscious and Unconscious)

>  Our Perceptions

>  Our Deep Inner Knowing

> The words that we see, hear, or know in our head

>  The pictures we visualize

>  The messages that come with our feelings

>  What we desire, want, appreciate, or prefer

>  What we fear, need, or yearn for


Thoughts are REAL things.  You have a thought.  This event produces specific body chemistry, physical and emotional feelings, and may also result in specific actions.  These thoughts are recorded in our brains via chemical reactions.  Physicians have discovered that if certain points in the brain are stimulated, specific memories will reappear and be re-experienced.  Think about it.  There is nothing humanly made or produced on this planet that was not first a thought in someone’s brain/mind.


            Thoughts are energy and magnetic.  In quantum physics, it is known that the energetic level of everything actually vibrates at specific frequencies.  The difference in vibratory frequency is inherent in the difference between the various things.  These different frequencies attract other things to themselves of the same or harmonically similar frequency.  If you strike the string of a guitar, the same frequency string on a violin in the vicinity will also vibrate in response, resonance.


So, what does that mean when it comes to magnetic thought?  Try this little exercise.  Think about the zoo.  What is your favorite animal there?  When’s the last time you went there to visit?  Formulate how you would describe that visit to a friend who has never been there.  Think about that for just a minute.  (Pause and actually do this.) 


            What happened in your brain/mind when you did that?  Didn’t more thoughts come rushing in?  Didn’t the thoughts seem to stay on subject?  Were not your thoughts about the specific animals you saw, their environs, or the treats you fed them?  Thoughts about your best grade school friend or your worst income tax surprise probably did not show up, right?  Although now that I’ve mentioned those subjects, they might.  Practice that sort of exercise occasionally and see if you can “realize” the thoughts that are magnetized or drawn to your mind, in response to your original thinking.


Understand here, you get to choose the subject.  You get to choose how you allow yourself to think about that subject.  The right questions are all important here.  The mind answers the question you ask of it.  And it is clear that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you choose to ask.


            Like attracts like.  This Universal Law is in constant operation and leads us to the second law. 


The Law of Creation


            The second Universal Law of Thought rests upon the fact of the first.  This is called the Law of (Deliberate) Creation, and states:  That which you give thought to, and allow to be, is.  This is also known as, the power of positive thinking or “what I fear, comes upon me.”  I like to think of it as:  What you think about, believe in, focus on, concentrate on, in your gut know to be true, worry about, or fear, and don’t negate, manifests in your life experience.  This is the very experience you describe when something not preferred happens and you say, “I knew it!”  Yes, you indeed did know it.  Not only are thoughts real, the preponderance of their frequencies become the causal factor of how we create our own reality, behavior, experiences, and even things.


Yes, I said our thoughts are highly creative, every single one.  Remember, there is nothing created by man on this planet that was not first a thought in someone’s mind.  Spoken thoughts are more focused and are even more creative.  Written thoughts are even more powerfully focused and are even more powerfully creative.  This principle is the reason all those success coaches tell us to write down our goals.  The more the same or similar thoughts are thought over and over again, the more powerfully creative they are.    


Don’t let this information scare you.  Instead, allow it to empower you.


            The Universe only says YES.  If you desire something, it is important to focus with clarity on the specifics of what is wanted, in detail, as if it already exists and is already yours.  It is just as important not to notice or focus upon the fact that you don’t have it yet.  It is unfortunate, we spend a good deal of our thought time focusing upon what is not wanted, what is not here yet, what we need (meaning it is currently lacking), or what we are afraid will happen or be instead.  Is it any wonder why we find ourselves agonizing over why we don’t get what we want?  Don’t get me wrong here.  Knowing what we do not want and healthy fear responses are both useful when utilized appropriately.  However, staying focused in those frequencies, rather than allowing them to point us in more appropriate directions will attract the very things we do not prefer.


            So, how do we use these two laws to manifest authentic life change or at least more of what we want?  It is useful to think about our desired new state of being the same way we do when we order dinner at a favorite restaurant; or the same way we think when we set out to drive to the grocery store.  In the restaurant, the wait person comes; we pick something specific off the menu; we place our order; we thank the wait person (hopefully, and in advance of receiving the food); and within a specified amount of time our order shows up.  Please note here that generally we don’t expect or worry that our food will not show up.  Unless we have problems with clarity, we also don’t expect it to be the wrong thing.  We, instead, expect this process to work and that we will have exactly what we ordered.  No worries.  Spending the time between our order and receipt of the food worrying that it won’t actually arrive or courting the fear that we’ll get a plate of writhing worms instead does not occur to us.  Instead, we take it for granted the food we ordered will arrive in due time.  In the case of driving to the store, when you get in your vehicle, drive a specific route, making a particular set of right and left hand turns, over a generally predictable amount of time, you find that you arrive at the store as intended.  You don’t expect that you will do this driving process, and then arrive in the parking lot only to find that the store simply is not there.  Again, we take it for granted the store will indeed be there.  This is the same confident inner knowing that what we want is ours, that allows us to receive those things in life we want—including authentic life change, reaching specific sales goals, or that dream home.  This process actually is in operation regarding every thing and every life experience we have.  Learning to use it skillfully is highly recommended.


            The reason we worry that what we want is not going to come to us is because we hold unconscious beliefs that negate our having it.  Those beliefs  go something like, “I never get what I want.”  “I don’t deserve it.”  “ I can’t do that.”  “No matter what I do, it is never enough to….”  It is important to work on these unsupportive beliefs with energy medicine tools to shift them to something more supportive of the achievement you desire.  This is a major piece of becoming in alignment with how to effectively utilize these laws.  (See www.lifeforcenatural.com Integrative Therapy and CODES)


The process to think in harmony with these laws then is this:  Get very clear, specific, and detailed about what is wanted.  What new behavior is desired?  How is it you want to be?  What behaviors will automatically come forth from this new state of being?  Next, think supportive thoughts and cultivate belief structure that supports having what is wanted or shifting to the new behaviors.  Utilizing guidance from your Inner Knower, do the “right action” activities that become evident for your physical participation in bringing this about.  Expend some time in appreciation when you see others exhibiting the thing or change you desire.  Feel sincere gratitude for the fact that this thing or change is yours automatically as you allow yourself to express your inner energetic self in this new way in ever-greater capacity.  And all the while allow the process for it to be.  Allow it to be, without entertaining those nagging thoughts about how it is not there yet, about how you don’t deserve it anyway, about how someone will take it away, or about no matter how hard you work, you won’t really get what you want.  Allow this process of change to be, with that same take it for granted energy you employ when driving towards the store.  Know that after appropriate thinking and action and in appropriate timing, your thing or authentic change will be there.  Remember the Universe only says YES.  Wallowing in unsupportive thoughts and beliefs only serve to stop what you wanted from finding its path to you, while the lack of what is wanted remains abundantly evident due to those very same laws and thoughts.  It is most unfortunate that we spend a great deal of our think time pushing what is wanted away from us by thinking unsupportively.  It truly is a shame that we are culturally taught to cultivate thoughts and belief structure that is not in harmony with being, doing, or having what we want.  This up till now unavoidable education results in creation of the opposite of our desires.  However, we can change all of this by understanding and deliberately utilizing these laws, starting from here, starting right now.


Clarify the change you want.  Be sure it is a goal of Truth and Love.  Intend it.  Expect it.  Seek Guidance from your Inner Knower regarding appropriate right action activities and practices and follow through on those.  Train yourself to think only supportive thoughts, regardless of whether you see evidence of progress or not.  Work to shift unsupportive thoughts and belief structure.  Integrative therapy and CODES tools are very helpful in shifting unsupportive non conscious belief structure and vital to support real lasting change.  Stay in solution mode thinking when working to resolve problems.  Appreciate the expression of your desired change when you observe it elsewhere.  Say thank you with sincere gratitude, from the place of knowing this thing or change is truly yours BEFORE you receive it.  That act of sincere gratitude alone goes a long way in convincing your sub and unconscious mind that this thing or change will indeed “be.”  And finally simply allow it to be. 


The Law of Allowing


The third law rests upon the facts of the first two laws.  It is called The Law of Allowing.  This law states:  Real freedom comes when you are able to be who you are while allowing all others to be who they are.  It has two parts.  The first part encourages us to get our unsupportive thinking and belief structure out of our own way and simply allow what we want to manifest.  The second part encourages us to understand that, given the first two laws, it is our own thoughts, our own belief structure, along with our own Inner Knower’s intentions that do indeed create our own reality.  No one else does it to us.  And once we realize (make real for ourselves) that understanding in full, we can then allow anyone else to be, do, and have anything else they choose, whether it fits within our preferences or not.  Though it seems otherwise, there really are no victims.  Understanding this law allows us to release the fear of becoming victim to someone else.  This is real because nothing is attracted or allowed into our own personal experience unless we allow it, either through Intentional Deliberate Creation, or through the intention of our own Inner Knower, or through invitation by default (via the frequencies of unsupportive thinking and belief structure in accordance with those same laws).  You get what you believe, think about, fear, or what you accept from mass consciousness, whether you want it or not.


This law enlightens us to the truth that we cannot create inside another’s experience.  Also, and seemly more importantly, other beings cannot create inside our life experience without our invitation by the frequency tone of our thought, whether deliberate or by default.  And although it is true that some things we don’t prefer happen in accordance with the intentions of our own Inner Knower in our best overall interest to keep us on track, or to help us learn, or for some other seemingly unknowable cosmic reason, that Inner Knower is also, in the grand scheme of things, US.  (Therein lies a good reason to become as familiar and connected as possible with that real and very significant part of ourselves.)  When we recognize that we are the creator of our life experience, and we trust that we have the ability to create in the direction that is harmonious to our very nature, then, and only then, will we be willing to allow all other beings, who are upon our planet to be as they are, whatever that is.  It is this perspective that allows us the true and complete freedom to be and explore our true nature fully, regardless of others.


The third law is important; however, its appropriate use and experience rests fully upon the full understanding and deliberate, intentional use of the first two laws, before the positive impact and benefits of this law become fully evident.  It would therefore follow that specific focus, practice, and exercises, be employed to fully understand and deliberately and intentionally utilize the first two laws well, so we might understand and incorporate this third law to our benefit.


How do we use this information to make authentic life change?


            First, use this information to empower yourself.  Don’t use this information to beat yourself up about all the un-preferred results you have created and attracted in all your life up till now—especially those received by default.  Leave that baseball bat locked in the closet.  Instead, begin by using the Seven Tools[1] to help yourself work with this knowledge.  Start with the faith (1) that you can and will understand and utilize this information for authentic life change.  Become aware (2) of your thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs as they zip through your mind about this subject.  Especially become aware of unsupportive self talk related to these laws or the specific change you intend.  Accept and surrender (3) to the very real fact that you have done the best you can, in any given moment, with what you have known up until now.  Surrender to what is and the way things currently are.  Relax about that.  Put any judgmental thoughts and feelings about how you have interacted with these laws in your heart space, flooding those concepts with your compassion (4) (the same way you would encourage a baby as it learns to walk).  See where that leads you.  Intend to allow yourself to begin the process of understanding and development of appropriate practices.  Explore what those practices might be.  Look at your results only with interest and new questions about what you can learn from this, rather than self blame.  Cultivate forgiveness (5), of yourself or others if warranted for this issue.  Celebrate what you learn with sincere gratitude (6) and ideas for right action (7) will surface.  If not, begin the Seven Tools cycle again.  It is really all about the journey, not the occasional destinations, after all.


            Next, begin working with your thoughts.  It is true that we think between 60,000 to 90,000 thoughts a day every day.  It may seem overwhelming to get a handle on all of them.  However, 90% of those thoughts are the same as they were yesterday.  There are patterns here.  Taking the necessary time to work on one subject at a time will provide significant results.  Each experience and resulting information provides a better foundation for making changes in the next cycle or subject.


You can also learn to utilize checking in with your feeling tones to track the vibrational frequency of your thoughts.  These frequencies act like magnets, attracting more of what vibrates at that same frequency.  Understand that your feelings always follow your thoughts.  I know; it seems like your feelings follow events.  However, the series really evolves like this—event happens, followed by what you think about that event, then that is followed by your feelings about it.  It does happen quickly.  The speed of thought is faster than the speed of light.  So, you can easily tell whether the thoughts’ frequencies are supportive or unsupportive of what you are wanting.  You do this by checking whether your feelings are comfortable or uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable feelings are a direct result of the disharmony between what is wanted and your thoughts or stimulated beliefs about what is wanted.  You can use these uncomfortable feelings as a signal to check on what it was you were just thinking.  Then use Thought Mastery course exercises, integrative therapy, or CODES to work with those thoughts and beliefs—conscious or unconscious–that created the uncomfortable feelings.  This puts you in harmony with movement towards the change you desire.


It is clear that we have sub, un, non conscious beliefs that sabotage us along the way.  They are beliefs that have been programmed into us, usually at a very early age.  This system generally works very well for us, so long as the beliefs are the truth, supportive, logical, rational, unlimiting, and in alignment with Universal Truth.  Whether supportive or non supportive these beliefs drive our life, our expression, our experiences, our responses, and our attraction factor.  Though there are many ways to shift this unconscious belief structure over time, the energy medicine tools of CODES or integrative therapy are the best solutions I’ve found to shift and change beliefs quickly.  So, my recommendation is to utilize CODES or integrative therapy when you find yourself stuck or limited in moving towards what you desire, as those are symptoms of unconscious beliefs sabotaging your efforts.


            Yes, the changes we want will eventually happen if we change our current thoughts to those that create and support the change we desire.  We are going to think all day every day anyway.  The days pass one by one in succession whether we choose to do anything with this information or not.  In three years we will be three years older no matter what else we do.  Past experience as a predictor of the future results tells us what life will likely be like if we ignore this information and continue to think, say, believe and do the same old things.  But, what do you suppose life could be like for you, three years from now, if you choose to work positively with this information, one little bit at a time, focusing on one specific area you want to make change in, every day?


            This is an arena where you do indeed get out of the process in accord to what you put into it.  There is no such thing as failure.  Consider, “That which you give thought to, and allow to be, IS!”


[1] Seven Tools for Living, Steven Hall MD