Wendy E. Geuder, AIS Practitioner/LMP

The twenty one days of doing my affirmations that were designed for me and my particular beliefs has been nothing short of amazing. As I relaxed back and observe how people change in relation to me, it is LIFE-ENFORCING, empowering to say the least! Some new relationships have deepened, some others that were really not supportive of my life work have dropped away. I feel a sense of REFINED DIRECTION and focus toward goals.  As a practitioner of massage, I have always gone the extra mile to train myself, receive expert education, and clear myself of anything that may make my hands-on work less effective. People pay me well for the specialties I can do, so I put myself "in their shoes," and act in such a way as to prepare for the BEST I can offer and deliver to them. The affirmations have changed "my energy."  We all have something we exude....people pick up on it in the first few seconds they are with us! LIFEFORCE NATURAL has cleaned my house! I had some dusty corners in my mind and didn't know it.  When I worked with Alice, she shown a light on the dark corners from my past, a light and warmth where there was hidden pain, a light on old mind-sets that do not serve my present or future!  Thanks, LIFEFORCE NATURAL! One example I may give is that I was constantly told by a parent that my doing massage was not useful or respected in the world. The affirmations have reinforced God's Calling for me as a healer and teacher and I no longer carry that sense that I am less and what I do is less and to be taken advantage of !  Two people from my client list dropped away because they sensed they could no longer "lord-over-on-me" their way and ignore basic principles of practice and adhering to a program that I designed for them. As a result, I feel FREE, have attracted others who will follow my professional direction for them!  THIS is a journey in self-healing and being a better therapist for others and part of the constant preparation to excel in an on-going practice.  Many many thanks to YOU, Alice for your work in Integrative Therapy! Respectfully, In His Graces-