Norma Jean Campbell

I can't believe how amazing my life has been since working with you and attending some positive thinking workshops.  My business has grown to full capacity in a year and I actually have a waiting list.  You helped me to see that writing my book was the core of my thinking that I could not see;  I have my book about half way completed.  Also you helped me to know the type of man I wanted in my life.  After working with you, I knew I must attempt to be with the man that I have loved for years.  I broke up with him several years ago, but I realized it was me not him and he is everything I have always wanted in a man.  We met again in August after seeing each other at a mutual friends wedding.  We plan to marry in June.  I have never been so happy.  I think positive every day, I know I am very loved, I feel wonderful and I am very happy and calm. Thank you Alice for guiding me to my full potential and peace.