Kelci Brock, San Antonio, TX

I was truly blessed by my work with Alice.  She is guided and has a way of knowing what you need to work on when you need to work on it.  She is very loving and encouraging in her approach, where she uses her knowledge to teach you specific tools and understandings that are sure to help heal your life.  Alice provided me with healing codes and affirmations to help remove the feelings of overwhelm, not being supported, and feeling like I’m left to do everything alone but not good enough to do it.  After saying affirmations for 21 days and doing the codes for each of the mentioned situations, I could visibly see things changing in my life.  It was like an on switch!  In addition to those miracles, Alice was helpful in teaching me what works in relationships and how I can be a more loving, compassionate, and allowing person.  My ability to be in relationships has improved dramatically.  Working with Alice serves as a channel to learning valuable gems of knowledge and tools that will help you change your thoughts, your feelings, and your life.  What a blessing it is to have people like Alice in this world to help guide us and return us to our true selves.