Annette Hrabovsky, Index WA

It has recently been my pleasure to be a student and participant in the “Law of Attraction” class taught by Alice Buehring. I found Alice to be a highly intuitive individual whose ability to be both professional and personable at the same time was indeed refreshing.  During class time she actually requested students input, invited sharing and questions, and answered in a manner that was understood by the variety of students in class. Alice shared with us of her own life experiences and listened patiently while we recounted some of our own.  Her method of teaching was quite effective as she led us to witness how the Law of Attraction has been working in our lives whether we sought to apply it, or were, as is often the case, unaware of its existence as a powerful life force.  The principles which were addressed in the class stimulated ideas which I would not otherwise have considered and put into practical application in my life. Additionally, Alice arranged for telephone appointments with each of us so as to facilitate the application of her teachings to our particular interests on an individual basis.  She has certainly demonstrated a high level of commitment to excellence. I would recommend the Law of Attraction class to anyone who is interested in learning how to create the life of their dreams.  I have learned that the power resides in each of us to deliberately create that which we desire in life.  Until I participated in the class with Alice, however, I was unaware that, in the absence of clearly defined goals and desires, most of my life has been created by default. At this point in time I find myself excitedly awaiting the upcoming advanced Law of Attraction class, during which time, there is no doubt in my mind, more will be revealed!